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Hey loyal blog readers,

We’ve finally got our new site up and running, so we will not be posting new entries here.

Please check it out and update your bookmarks to visit the new website and builder’s blog at:


Mike LaVecchia

New Board

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No Step

Why drive when you can fly? I had a call today from a future customer from Rhode Island wanting to come by the shop, check out our boards and put down a deposit on a new 10′ Waterlog. 45 minutes later, he landed at a local landing strip just 4 miles from the shop and called for a ride. Got to be safer then driving through Boston.plane.jpg

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New 6’0″ Fish on the Glassing Rack

Here are a couple photos of our new custom 6’0″ Fish that we’re building for a mystery customer right here in Maine. The natural colors in the wood really popped when we glassed the board. All the feedback on this board has been positive, so keep an eye on our board line. We may be making this shape available soon.


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More Imagination!

Here are a couple photos of Carlos’s 10′ Waterlog. You can see in the photos that Carlos has gotten creative and built a strongback (similar to what a cedar strip kayak is built on) for his board to be built on. Using our 10′ Waterlog keel and frames, he used his own cedar strips to create a unique pattern. He also decided to cut the frames ends off and build his rails up from solid stock. Another sweet board Carlos.

carlos10-2.jpgcarlos10.jpgCarlos Board vert

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Paddle Surfing: Wave of the Future?

If you’re looking for a new way to get out in the waves, build a paddle board. Better yet, ask us to build one for you. We can also recommend a place to get a custom wooden paddle made.

Check out Laird Hamilton’s latest passion:

Paddle Surfing,0,4773867.story?coll=la-home-health

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City of Brotherly Love

Interested in building your own board, but you just don’t have the space? The Philidelphia Wooden Boat Factory has just purchased kits for two 9′ boards and if the building process goes well for them, they plan to offer a board building course this winter. Check them out at

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You asked for it!

Here are a few photos of the new Waterlog we are building for Surf Unlimited in North Carolina. Everyone that stops by the shop has fallen in love with this board, it’s a beauty. Once it’s finished being glassed, we will add the glory shots to the Waterlog section in the board page.


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Boards at Birth

We’ve been busy building and preparing a number of boards and kits for shipment over the past few weeks and shortly, the fruits of our labor will be realized. One of our new retail customers, Surf Unlimited in Ocean Isle Beach, NC, will soon be receiving their shipment of Grain Surfboards, hand-built for their customers.

Here’s a picture of the progress on some of the boards we’ve got going in the shop. Our process is more dialed now and we’ve got more boards being worked on at one time, at various stages in their early existence. In addition, we’ve invested in an updated bandsaw that will help us rip boards faster and with less waste, which means our overall impact is lowered.


Keep an eye on the blog here for more updates, and hit us with your email address if you would like to be included on our mailing list. We’ll also be adding an online store for Grain Surfbooards Kits, T’s and Sweats to the website soon!

Remember, with the holidays on the horizon, nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a nice, new Grain Surfboard and some Grain-wear to go with it. Order now and we’ll have plenty of time to dial the shape and build that dream board for the winter surf.

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A Kit and Some Imagination!

Here’s a couple photos of what’s possible when building your own board. With some experience building kayaks, Carlos bought frames for the Wherry and Waterlog and went to town with his own planking. Can’t wait to see what he does with the the Waterlog.


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Two New Fish’s… Maybe!

With a few requests for fish’s that we do not currently build, we’ve begun work on two new shapes that should fill some gaps between the Waka and the Wherry. Keep an eye on our website for more information on the 5’10” and 6’0″. Once we’ve got them built and get some feedback on shapes, we hope to add them to our line.

Pictured here is a rough shaped 5’10” just off the rack.


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