Growing to fit the space

No matter how hard I try, it always seems to take longer to build a board then I thought it would. While designing and assembling the frame requires a lot of math and detail work, it is fairly starightforward. Milling plank and rail stock for one board is quick, but while your at it, you might as well do enough for a bunch of boards. Glueing up planks and rails is fun because it's the first time you get to really see the shape come out, however, glue takes time to dry. Shaping the board with traditional hand tools is the best part of the job. There is no better feeling then running a sharp handplane down a long straight grain piece of cedar. Glassing, well, who really loves to glass, but it is a necassary part of the process (at least for now). What I've realized after all this time is that building a board takes time, and there is nothing I can do to speed that up.

With the new shop, I can be milling wood for one board the same time another board is drying in the glassing room… and man that's being productive. I'd love to show you the new shop sometime, give me a call at 802-598-7194 and we can set-up a time to meet.IW3M4110.jpgIW3M4099.jpg

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