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Progress Update: June 26th, 2006

The Single Fin is almost ready to be glassed! Progressing from rail strips to pressing on the top planks, the final rail shaping is complete and the fin box is setting up tonight. With some final hand sanding to be completed, we will have this board in the glassing room by mid-week.

The overall shape came out just as expected, with a flat bottom nose progressing in to a hollow midsection and double-v tail. The rails have been shaped to match the MSF from tip to tail with a shallow nose transition, slightly turned down waist and a hard tail.

Here are some more photos of Gavin working on the rails and fin box assembly using a laser to keep the router template lined up with the centerline of the board.

Keep an eye out for more progress on this Single Fin and Email Gavin with any questions or comments you have about this design. This board is not being built for a pre-existing order and will be available for purchase upon completion.

Original Post: June 20th, 2006:

Inspired by the retro-style Channel Islands MSF, we started construction of a 6’5″ Single Fin.The complex curves on the bottom, including a Double-V Tail and hollowed nose required some ingenuity to recreate.

With the help of some insight and a little brainstorming, Gavin constructed a new rocker table in the Grain workshop.

This allows us to glue up any bottom shape with ease and hold the rocker true to form.


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  1. Hi… I am Lisa Malloy’s (Holler) Kid Brendan we just were told about your site from your mother and decided to check it out… I am now 15 years old and sence i am hoping to pick up surfing after i learned how and spent the next day surfing after i learned down in Southern California on my 8th grade graduation trip… All i know is that i was automaticly hooked as soon as i hit the water with the board… it was even more ensnaring due to i have wanted to learn sence i was little… I think that all your boards shown in the pictures are amasingly made and extremely well done… My mother says high to you all and we hope to hear from you soon…

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