Empty Nest

It always hurts when a board you’ve spent weeks (or sometimes months) building leaves the shop for good. But if its got to go, it’s nice to know it’s going to a good home.



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Two Roots

Here’s a shot of two new 9′ boards I’m just finishing up. They look amazing if I do say so myself. One is built using mostly Western Red Cedar, while the other is Northern White Cedar. Structurally they are about the same, however the white cedar is slightly lighter then red. The biggest difference in the wood is in the grain patterns. The red cedar is quarter sawn meaning the grain runs perpendicular to the plank. It has a tighter more uniform pattern and is great for re-sawing and book matching planks. White cedar is flat sawn so the grain runs parallel to the plank. This gives the wood a more swirley look with wider grain patterns.



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Men’s Journal Magazine comes to Grain

The Grain shop, and local artist/”shaper” Ty Williams were the main focus during a recent fashion shoot for Men’s Journal Magazine. Decked in Calvin Klein camo and wool, Ty sweated it out for the crew, while managing to keep a smile on his face throughout. Look for the pics in the upcoming October issue of Men’s Journal

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Grain surfs into SOHO

Grain was given a great opportunity this summer. We were offered prime window space to display our boards in the Burton Snowboards NYC store. The boards will be on display until mid August, so be sure to check em out. Thanks to Denis, Gavin and Ben for making it happen.




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Hot off the printing press, the Grain t-shirts have arrived in York. 2 different designs, printed on American Apparel t’s. Illustration done by none other than Ty Will Yums. Men’s and Women’s sizes and styles available for both designs.

Email mike@grainsurfboards or call 802.598.7194 to order your shirt today.


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Wood is Good

Here are a few shots from our little photo excursion on the 4th of July. Keep an eye out for these two beauties in a lineup near you.



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A New Leaf

Grain turned out a new Leaf this week for a custom replica order of a ’69 Paipo from Hawaii.
Everyone was so excited about this design, we are going to add it to our lineup.

Click on any of the images to see a detailed view.

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The Seed

With a wood burner in hand, Gavin signed the first Seed for Grain.
After two weeks in the new Grain shop, he got the final coat of varnish on just in time for a quick photo shoot before sending it off to Manhattan for Grain’s debut at Burton Snowboards….see the related blog for the full story.
Below is a set of construction process photos of the 6’5″ single fin, which was based on the Channel Islands MSF-G1.
Click on any of the images to see a detailed view.

This single fin will be on display in the Burton Snowboards
Manhattan Store for the month of July.If you are interested in purchasing this board, it will be available for sale when it is returned to us.

Contact Gavin for details.

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