CNC Cutting

For a long time, we have been working towards getting our board designs into a computer aided design program with the end goal of being able to cut our frames and keels on a CNC machine. We are proud to say that we have now reached that point. We are working with 5th-Axis (  in Stonington Connecticut to produce the keels and frames for each of our boards. CNC is an extrememly efficient method of cutting plywood shapes. It eliminates any human error, and allows us to offer a consistent product, whether we’re building one board, or selling 100 kits.


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Re-Saw Bandsaw

In an effort to further conserve resources and save time, Grain has just purchased a new Jet Bandsaw. This saw enables us to re-saw 1/4″ planks from a 6″ wide board. In the past, we would have to rip the board lengthwise in order to get a 3″ wide plank. We could then re-saw it on the tablesaw. This new tool will save us sawing time because we eliminate a cut, saves us wood because the blades kerf, or thickness, is much less then the tablesaw blade, and in the end, will help us to build a better board by eliminating some glue joints.


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